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Your bod in the heat? Just follow our tips for summer
You could also try the classic Jolen Mild Cream Bleach (£4.29, Boots) to lighten excessive hair.

The Sun

Get Beach Body Confident with Jolen
"Heading to the beach this year? Sick of waxing, shaving, or using creams to remove unwanted body fuzz? Then Jolen Creme Bleach  could be the answer. It lightens dark hair on arms, legs, body, face – even brows - and it’s even suitable for sensitive skin – but do a patch test first."

Oldham Evening Chronicle

Jolen - The perfect beauty hack for the winter
The last thing we think about in freezing weather is shaving our legs - and who gets to see them when they are covered up all day? Well this where Jolen comes in. Bleaching your hair to a much lighter colour means hairy legs are less noticeable and therefore easier to withstand when all the layers are removed. Plus - there are no ingrown hairs and no painful pulling! Jolen is available from www.boots.com with an RRP of £4.29'

Burton Mail - UK regional newspaper

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