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Cream Bleach

The Gentle Solutions to Unwanted Facial or Body Hair

Dealing with unwanted or dark hair on your face or body can be daunting. Jolen offers quick, safe & gentle solutions to blend hair with your natural skin tone, making it virtually invisible.

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#1 Face & Body Hair Bleach in the World

Helping women gain confidence for over 50 years, Jolen is the #1 selling bleach brand for facial and body hair in the world.

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  • “I’ve been using this product for at least 15 years and it’s perfect for me. You can always adjust the strength so skin irritation is not a problem. Love it!”

  • “I was really self-conscious about my ‘mustache’ problem. Jolen certainly made it invisible!  And it was easy to use with fast results too.”

  • “I have tried waxing, and shaving only to be left with unsightly bumps after a week or two. This product is so easy to use and applies smoothly.  It leaves my skin soft and clear.”

  • “I am a teen girl who uses this product to bleach my embarrassing mustache. After I use Jolen, [my mustache] turns completely invisible.  [Jolen] does not leave red blotchy areas where it is applied.”

  • “Amazing for eyebrows! I have naturally dark brown hair that I dye blonde. I also have naturally dark brown eyebrows. So, every 4 to 6 weeks when I colour my hair, I lighten my eyebrows with this amazing product!!! And so far, everybody believes I’m a bleach blonde!!!”

  • “I use this product on my upper lip. It works great in-between waxing!”

  • “I have used Jolen for many years.  I’ve strayed away to try other similar products but found that Jolen is the best.  I think it is a big reason I look so young for my age!”

  • “I am a huge fan and have been for many years.  I’ve even used it while I was pregnant with no problems.”

  • “I never wanted to wax the hair on my arms. Jolen makes it ‘disappear,’ and doesn’t hurt. I swear by this product.”

    — Gigi
  • “I’m Asian and I need to bleach my facial hair often, it’s a wonderful product for me, its suits my skin and leaves it radiant.”

  • “It beats the Sally Hansen equivalent.  Jolen bleached my hair much lighter than them. There was no obvious scent and although I left it on the entire ten minutes, it didn’t irritate my skin. Great product!!”



  • Creme Bleach Original

    Great for face, eyebrows and body. This no drip application makes dealing with unwanted hair a breeze. Our Creme Bleach is easy and gentle. Creme Bleach Original Formula also available in 125ml for larger areas.

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  • Creme Bleach Mild

    Made especially for sensitive skin, this formula is great for face, eyebrows and body. This no drip application makes dealing with unwanted hair a breeze. Our Creme Bleach is easy and gentle. Creme Bleach Mild Formula also available in 125ml for larger areas.  

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